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Injuries and Chronic Pain Have a Big Impact

We understand how pain and discomfort can set you back physically — and we also understand how it can affect both you and your family financially and emotionally.

Nothing is more frustrating than feeling held back or helpless when you’re experiencing body discomforts and pain, especially when resting just isn’t enough to help you recover. You should be able to enjoy your lifestyle and hobbies without dealing with chronic pain or injuries! Chiropractic Care can be an effective and non-invasive strategy to help you heal.If you're looking for help, try finding a chiropractor near me in Twin Falls to get started.

Dr. Ward was able to see me quickly after I reached out (same day!) for lots of pain in my shoulder/neck area. He did not rush through the appointment. He listened to me and was very careful/gentle making sure I was comfortable through the entire process. I really appreciated that he explained what he was doing and clearly helped me

Kayla G.

Dr. Ward is the best! He helps my wife and I so much. Used to get migraines all the time till Dr. Ward worked his magic.

Bason H.

Dr. Ward has his own office now! He has always done a fantastic job working on me and is always great with scheduling on the short notice.

Matthew S.

I have been treated by Dr. Ward in the past. He is such an awesome Chiro and helped my headaches and neck pain! Wish I was closer to get more adjustments from him!

Stephen J.

I brought my two month old in and Tyrel was gentle and kind and made sure to explain everything he was doing. I so appreciate him!

Amber P.

Great chiropractor!! If you need to see someone go to see Sunrise Chiropractor, gentle and patient, listens to your needs! Excellent patient care!!

Netty M.

10/10 highly recommend!

Adam M.

Dr. Ward is the best Chiropractor I’ve ever used. As a weight lifter I thrash on my body and Dr .Ward is through in his care. I’m not rushed in and out. He doesn’t just use wonky new age tools – he actually is physical and manipulates my body! I love that he doesn’t force me to have a 6

Mike S.

Dr. Ward is very professional and does an excellent job. He was able to diagnose a problem of mine that several other chiropractors had missed over the years that was life changing for me. Would highly recommend!

Lani L.

Tyrel has helped me on several occasions and always does a great job. Friendly and professional.

Nathan J.

Great chiropractor! Highly recommend.

Melina M.

My son has been seeing him for years due to sports related issues. He’s very knowledgeable and kind! Highly recommend for teen athletes!

Nichole M.

Tyrel is an amazing Chiropractor who takes the time needed to care for his patients. He goes above and beyond to ensure they receive the care they need. I highly recommend visiting him.

Senate E.

Dr. Ward is the best out there in my opinion. He’s been working on my back for a few years now.

Mike M.

Dr. Ward treats my husband and I who seem to always be a bit out of shape. He’s awesome! He takes his time to figure out what’s wrong and the best way to fix it. He adjusted both my kids when they were babies and were gassy & colicky… we say he has magic hands. You won’t regret going to

Natalie E.

Dr. Ward is great to work with. He’s treated me on a few occasions, but 2 of my athletic teenagers much more. We all love the way we feel the days following our adjustments. I appreciate his hard work to keep them out on the field.

Edward F.

Dr. Ward is an excellent chiropractor! I’ve been treated by him many times. I highly recommend him to everyone!

Alan H.

I can’t express enough how wonderful Dr. Ward is. I’ve seen many chiropractors in Twin Falls, and nothing helped me. My back was completely out – I could barely walk. The first day I went in, I could barely get to the front door. After leaving I was able to walk again. After a couple weeks of weekly appointments, my

Krista M.


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Education & Empowerment

Part of our mission is to empower our patients to cultivate an active lifestyle they will love. We do this through our chiropractic services, and also by offering education to our patients on how to maintain their good health. This can reduce the risk of future injuries and help you improve your overall performance.


We believe that it’s easiest to foster healing through chiropractic care when patients are comfortable and relaxed. That’s why our mission is to make sure that everyone we see feels heard, seen, safe, and understood. We’re here to answer every question you have about your care.


In-Depth Physical Assessments

An in-depth assessment is the key to making sure that every patient feels heard and understood. Dr. Ward will sit down with you during your initial assessment to discuss all of your concerns and work with you to create a customized chiropractic care plan to get you back to living the life you love!

Dr. Ward helping a patient with chiropractic services in Twin Falls

Sunrise Chiropractic in Twin Falls Can Get You on the Road to True Recovery

Having dealt with the frustrations of physical injuries himself, Dr. Ward understands the pain and frustration they can cause. That’s why he takes the time to really listen to you and understand your needs and concerns. Then, he can assess the root of the issue causing pain and discomfort. Finally, Dr. Ward can then offer treatment that will get you on the road to true recovery! With chiropractic care tailored to your needs, you can get back to doing what you love as quickly as possible. If you're looking for a chiropractor in Twin Falls, Dr. Ward is here to help.
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If you’re a new patient, Dr. Ward will sit down with you to create a custom chiropractic care plan to meet your needs.

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Work with a skilled chiropractor and get back to living the life that you love, without worrying about pain or injuries!

Chiropractor in Twin Falls

Sports Chiropractic

Along with being a chiropractor, Dr. Ward is also an avid mountain biker and sports enthusiast, so he understands the unique physical care needs of athletes! Our sports chiropractic services are aimed at helping address pain and injuries, as well as build up strength and mobility to help improve your performance and reduce the risk of any future injuries.

Chiropractic for Neck and Back Pain

Back and neck pain are one of the most common things that we see patients for. At Sunrise Chiropractic, our chiropractor will work with you to determine the underlying cause of your pain. There can be many different causes behind neck pain and back pain, including joint dysfunction, muscular strain, or herniated disks. Discovering the cause will inform the best treatment for your particular case.

Dry Needling

Dry Needling is a technique that we use to help treat muscular and musculoskeletal pains. It’s also an effective treatment to help improve or restore range of motion after an injury. Dry needling is done as part of a larger chiropractic care plan that often includes massage, stretching, and exercise. Dry needling can help increase blood flow to an area, which may in turn speed up healing, reduce pain, and relieve inflammation in the treated area.

Children’s Chiropractic

Adults aren’t the only ones who can benefit from visiting a chiropractor! Children can be affected by many of the same conditions as adults, including injuries, muscle and joint pains, poor posture, and more. If you’re looking for a friendly chiropractor for your child, choose Sunrise Chiropractic! Our team is dedicated to providing compassionate care to patients of all ages.

Dr. Ward performing sports chiropractic services in twin fallsRelieving pain with chiropractic servicesChildren's chiropractic care in Twin Falls, Id